Term 7 - 180 days
Rate 11.9% per month
Amount (PHP) 1,000 - 25,000
Age of borrower 21 - 70 years

If you’re thinking about taking out a loan, but don’t want to go into the process of submitting an application, you should consider trying Digido in the Philippines. They offer loans to Filipinos, with a 95% approval rate and better terms for repeat customers. The loan application is transparent, with no hidden fees, and all data is securely stored. Lender approves loans online and verifies them via phone. Once they have approved your loan application, they pay you.

Digido is a cash loan application run by an automated robot

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to apply for a cash loan, Digido could be the perfect solution for you. This loan application process runs completely automatically and is accessible on your mobile phone. There are no branches to go to and no queues to wait in. You can simply use the mobile application to apply for your loan and focus on the more important things. Most lending companies require co-makers or guarantors to guarantee your loan, but this isn’t the case with Digido. This cash loan application is approved on the basis of your declared source of income and proper documentation.

In case you’re wondering if Digido is legit, you can rest assured that it’s 100 percent legitimate. The company is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and has a Certificate of Authority number of 1272. The application process is fast and easy, and you can get your cash loan right to your bank account. This loan application process is available to everyone in the Philippines and is perfect for government employees.

Apply for a loan online in 15 minutes

When you’re in a pinch and need a small loan, Digido can help you get the money you need. You can apply online within 15 minutes, and the loan can be processed automatically. It also disburses the loan in as little as an hour, or less. When applying for a loan, you’ll simply select the amount you want to borrow. The first loan you apply for with Digido is worth up to 10,000 dollars. The next step is to fill out the loan application form with correct and consistent information.

Digido allows you to apply for a loan online in just 15 minutes, and you can get the money you need right away, without collateral. It also provides loans before salary, so you won’t need to worry about paying interest on your loan while you wait for your paycheck. You can apply for a loan from Digido using their mobile app, which is available for iPhones, Android phones, and HUAWEI phones. This service is designed to make credit more accessible to Filipinos and is available around the clock.

0% interest on the first loan

Whether you are in need of a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, Digido can help. They offer loans of PHP 1,000 to 30,000 and only require proof of income and identity. Unlike traditional lenders, Digido allows you to borrow for whatever purpose you need. You can use the money for daily living expenses, buying a new car or house, establishing your own business, or even just to pay for your bills.

For new customers, this lender offers a promotional 0% interest rate on their first loan. The interest rate on subsequent loans depends on the amount and type of loan. Usually, however, a loan of P10,000 will have an interest rate of 1.5% per day. Those who pay their loan on time can enjoy the first loan at zero interest. Digido also offers installment loans of up to P25,000.

It is convenient for all Filipinos

If you’re looking for a loan, Digido is the answer to your financial needs. Digido is a legitimate e-money operation that’s registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The loan amount can range from as little as ₱1000 to as much as ₱25 thousands. It also offers loan term and payment options such as bank transfer and online repayment.

The application process is simple and quick. Anyone with an Internet connection can apply for an online loan. All they need to do is create an account and upload the documents necessary to prove their creditworthiness. The application is evaluated in minutes, and if approved, the money will be deposited directly to their designated bank account. Repeat borrowers don’t need to provide documentation again. The Internet penetration rate in the Philippines is high, and it’s easy for anyone to sign up for an account.

Interest rates

When applying for a loan through Digido, you will be asked to provide some information, such as your bank account number, government ID, and active social media account. Once you fill out these details, you can get approved in ten minutes. After approval, your loan will be sent directly to your bank account. You will have up to 180 days to pay it back, with different repayment options. To maximize your chances of getting approved, you should check your bank account balance and pay off the loan as soon as possible.

While it’s true that Digido has high interest rates, it does offer a low-interest cash loan option for Filipinos. The loan application process is fast and transparent, and Digido checks your details to make sure they are accurate. Once approved, you can receive your loan within 24 hours. Another plus is that there are no collateral requirements. You don’t have to provide proof of income or references.

Digido contacts:

Phone: (02) 8876-84-84

Email: [email protected]

Sсhedule: From 8 am to 5 pm (Monday – Sunday)