Term 7 - 30 days
Rate 0,8 - 3,5% per day
Amount (PHP) 5,000 - 50,000
Age of borrower 21 - 50 years

A Singapore-based microlending company, CashMart in the Philippines offers personal loans with fewer requirements than the traditional bank loan. They have three kinds of repayment terms for different borrowers. The first type of repayment term is a short-term loan, which a borrower repays in one or two months. This type of loan is ideal for people who have little cash and need money fast. Filipino seamen can also avail of this type of loan, which requires a longer repayment period.

Singapore-based company in the Philippines

If you are looking for a reliable organization that provides fast loans in the Philippines, CashMart is a good option to consider. Their loan products are designed with your financial situation in mind, based on market trends, legal processes, and sense of urgency. It offers flexible loan products at affordable rates with transparent terms. To get started, fill out their simple application form.

For today, the company has offices in the Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. In the Philippines, Cash Mart offers loans for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). OFWs are those who have been allotted to overseas jobs. Often, they have financial problems before they even start receiving their first paycheck. The company offers loans for OFWs, with flexible terms and 24/7 service. You will need a government-issued ID, proof of employment contract, and remittance slips for the past six months.

Personal loans with fewer requirements

Unlike many other online lenders, CashMart does not require cosigners for personal loans. If you have poor or fair credit, you may still qualify for this type of loan. While Cash Mart doesn’t reveal its minimum credit score, a score of between 300 and 579 qualifies as “poor.” Those with a score of 600 or higher are considered “fair.”

Microfinance service provider

The Philippines is a country where money-lending is an accepted banking function. A microfinance service provider like Cash Mart focuses on short-term loans to help the people in times of emergency. Its easy application process does not require any supplementary documents like salary verification or warranties. The company is one of the most trusted companies in this country. The company boasts of 30 thousand users and has a growing crediting market.

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) loans are also offered by CashMart. These loans are offered to seafarers and land-based allottees. OFWs are often faced with financial problems even before they get their first paycheck. OFW loans by Cash Mart provide the necessary funds and flexible terms to these allottees. To be eligible for an OFW loan, you must have a first-degree relative in the Philippines, a valid government-issued ID, proof of employment contract and a remittance slip from the previous six months.

Salary loans

There are many credit options available in the Philippines. One of these is a salary loan, which is available to anyone who receives a monthly salary. Salary loans are favored because of their low interest rates and flexible repayment terms. They allow you to solve temporary financial difficulties without sacrificing your lifestyle. To avail of this type of loan, you should contact different financial institutions and send your loan application. The lenders will evaluate your needs and send you a quote based on the information you provide.

Good option is the CashMart loan, which is a one-hour loan for eligible employees. This option is available to teachers and certain categories of Filipino citizens. Cash Mart allows people to make their payments each month and has a low interest rate. This service is great for people with unpredictable bills. However, you must have a government-issued identification to apply for the loan.

CashMart contacts:

Phone: (02) 829 0000

Email: [email protected]

Sсhedule: From 9 am to 6 pm (Monday – Friday)