Term 91 - 360 days
Rate 0,27% per day
Amount (PHP) 10,000 - 20,000
Age of borrower 18 - 56 years

If you’ve been looking for a short-term loan, you may be wondering what an Amihan loan is. This is a platform that lets you lend and borrow dollars from people in your area. The process is simple, and it’s available online and on mobile devices, making it convenient to apply for a loan. You’ll fill out a form and add your payment card, and follow the recommendations on the site. Make sure that you complete the form completely and accurately, because mistakes in the form can result in rejection. After your credit decision is made, you’ll receive dollars on your banking card, and a duplicate lending commitment.

Short-term loan

Amihan is an online lending platform with a vast database. It has transparent fees and no hidden charges. Moreover, you can easily calculate your repayment amount before you confirm the loan. In addition, you can use Amihan anywhere, anytime, and even while you are on vacation or in the middle of a project. The website is available seven days a week and is available round the clock.

The Amihan loan service has several benefits, including a fixed rate of interest, no application fees, and no collateral required. It also offers convenience in the loan application process, with the money sent to your account in as little as fifteen minutes. You don’t have to wait for the conclusion of the loan, and the service fee is very low at only 0.15% to 0.8%. You can use the Amihan app wherever you are, and you can easily calculate your payment options online. Lender accepts clients from different age groups and social status.

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform

The Amihan loan is a peer to-peer lending platform in the Philippines that was established in 2008. The platform offers loans ranging from ten thousand pesos to five hundred thousand pesos, and it works around the clock, seven days a week. Borrowers and lenders are matched based on their financial situation and individual needs. In exchange for a fixed interest rate, the lenders get a guaranteed return on their investments.

A P2P loan is a loan that you can receive without investing a large amount of money. It can be obtained with as little as PHP 5,000, and you can become a lender by answering a few questions about how much you are willing to invest, how long you can wait for your loan to pay off, and what interest rate you are comfortable with. You can also fund your account and choose which loans you want to fund.

Personal affair

An Amihan loan in the Philippines is based on the principles of mobile IT, providing a large database of lending institutions and transparent fees. You can calculate your repayment amount before you confirm your loan. Amihan’s application is available anytime and anywhere and is available seven days a week. In case you need a loan quickly, you can make an application at any branch of the banking institution or online.

Amihan loan in the Philippines offers a large selection of financial products to its clients and caters to any financial requirement. The loan offers advantageous terms and conditions and is one of the most modern solutions in the Philippine financial market. Microfinance firms like Amihan have only recently emerged in the Philippines but have quickly gained repute as a reliable alternative to traditional lending institutions.

Available on mobile devices

The benefits of Amihan loans are numerous. One of the benefits of Amihan is its consumer-cultural software, which makes it easy to read the terms and conditions of the loan request on mobile devices. This enables users to calculate their repayment options without thumbing papers. Moreover, they can receive their loan amount in less than an hour. They can also calculate the interest rate on the advance they receive. And, the best part is that they don’t need to fax or submit legal documents to get the loan.

Amihan allows its users to apply for instant cash loans with fixed interest rates through a mobile application. They can spend their money on whatever they like, such as paying off their bills, studying, or even indulge in hobbies. Since the application can be done from anywhere, Amihan is especially beneficial for people with bad credit. It also allows for instant money transfers and doesn’t require a credit check. The service is also easy to use, so it’s great for people with poor credit.

Amihan contacts:

Phone: 02-2263118

Email: [email protected]

Sсhedule: From 9 am to 6 pm (Monday – Friday)